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Paleo hummus and other delicious variations حُمُّص خالي من البقول وتنويعات لذيذة أخرى

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The following recipe is one of my favorite hummus replacing recipes. Unlike real hummus this

Let’s make the tasties and healthies vegan Bounty bar period   باونتي بارز صحية خالية من الالبان 

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This is a snapchat session that I made earlier preparing moc Bounty Bars  and vegan

The Ultimate AIP coffee cake     كعكة القهوة اللذيذة الخالية من المواد المسببة للحساسية 

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  I am so excited to share this delicious allergy free coffee cake with you. I

The AIP apple crumble          فطيرة التفاح السريعه الخالية من مواد الحساسية 

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   If everything around us tasted and smelled this beautiful 💚 crumbles are desserts that

Make paleo and paleo vegan biscottis  طريقة عمل البسكوتي الايطالي بدون طحين او ألبان 

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This is the video requested by many Insta followers of the paleo and vegan paleo