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AIP Tapioca mini cheese bun صمون التاپيوكا بنكهة الجبن الملائم للتغذية المناعية

These mini soft breads are so delicious and quick to make. You might get discouraged by many ingredients, but it is really rewarding, specially that it is allergen free and could be made, so no dairy, nor eggs, nor soy or nuts…. Read More

Lets make Atchara طريقتي لاعداد الآچارا اللذيذة

Achara or Atchara is a relish from the Philippines, that is sweet and tangy made with raw papaya. This relish is fermented in my developed recipe a with unique flavor and a lot of nutritional value. I came to learn about it… Read More

Fresh Tapioca/cassava pagan bagels بيغلز التاپيوكا الطازجة

  When I was making the PAGAN Bagels recipe I was so excited of the results, texture and taste, but something was missing! I was sure I’m preparing something that will help many, but at the same time, I kept thinking, not… Read More

Pagan Bagels بيغلز پيليو وڤيغن

  I regularly do bagels as they offer great quick meals, simply heat/toast, cut, and stuff and you’re good to go. Through the years I tried many recipes with almond or coconut  flour, using eggs normally to bind flours. Although they were… Read More

Crustless sweet potato Apple pie فطيرة التفاح الخالية من الطحين

Another take on sweet potato pie, this time its an impressive clean dessert.  This time I wanted to make an apple pie, cause it’s a dessertI that I would not mind eating everyday.  The results were far more than what I expected,… Read More

Crustless sweet potato pie پاي البطاطا الحلوة الخالية من الطحين

This sweet potato pies are made with one idea, that the crust is made solely with sweet potato. I have made these many times with so many variations wether #paleo or #vegan, the end decision is totally yours. To fill a 16… Read More

نظام الپيليو باختصار

Paleo Non dairy Ricotta cheese         جبنة الريكوتا الخالية من الألبان 

Ricotta is one of those food items that you can easily incorporate in any recipe side or main .. Savory or sweet  So it was simply  a delight to be able to prepare it in the same manner as Ashtta (cream of… Read More

Grain free Dates Ma’amool  معمول التمر الخالي من الحبوب 

​​ This Arabian dessert will win you over specially if you know that it’s paleo, grain free, dairy free  and sweetened natuarally 

Paleo Blackstrapp molasses cookies   بسكوت بواقي دبس القصب الخالي من الطحين 

These cookies are low in sugar and would be great as snacks out with spiced nut milk  What we need  2 cups of Almond  1/4 cup coconut flour  1 tbsp cinnamon  1 tsp vanilla  Pinch of salt  Pinch to 1/8 lemon salt … Read More

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