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Paleo sweet noodles and fried eggs (Balaleett)     بلاليط پيليو صحية بالطريقة الكويتيه 

  I need to be patented for this healthiest ever #balaleett (a Kuwaiti/gulf originated dish made from saffron and cardamom infused sweetened angel hair pasta served with fried eggs) 👍 not only this is incredibly delicious, it surely can compete with the… Read More

Easiest paleo cracker bread أسهل خبز باليو مقرمش

This is probably the easiest and one of the first recipes i used to replace bread. it has few ingredients and yields a good cracker like flat bread.  If you do not have any problem with almond flour, i suggest you try… Read More

Granola Project 2; Paleo & Vegan Granola Chocolate Bar غرانولا بار الباليو بالكاكاو

This is my Granola chocolate bar which is very popular with customers and i have been very busy lately just preparing quantities from. This weekend it is your project to make your own, either with my granola available in previous post, or with… Read More

The Granola Project; 1. Lets Make it غرانولا لذيذة خالية من الغلوتين و الحبوب :)

Granola is an essential item in my kitchen. not only its easy to prepare a morning dish or a snack by just grabbing some of this mix and adding fruits, nut milks or ice cream, but it can also help satisfy any… Read More

Vegan grainfree saffron and rosewater Pancakes بان كيك الزعفران وماء الورد الخالية من أي مكونات حيوانية

  These Pancakes are Gluten free, Grains Free, Eggs Free, Dairy Free and Nuts free.   البانكيكس هذي خالية من الغلوتين و خالية من جميع أنواع الحبوب و الألبان و البقول و المكسرات Making Pancakes without wheat or flour can be a… Read More

Paleo Sandwich bread; my favorite so far! خبز التوست الباليو.. للاستعمال اليومي بدون غلوتين أوحبوب

  This bread is Grain Free * Gluten Free * Dairy Free * Legumes Free * Yeast Free هذا الخبز خالي من الغلوتين و من جميع أنواع الحبوب و البقول و الألبان  Ok so this took some time but not intentional I… Read More

Primal Saffron Pancakes; sweet and delcious بان كيك الزعفران اللذيذ الخالي من الغلوتين

    I like pancakes, more so when I started my grain free journey. Today I’m sharing these sweet and delightful renditions of my original recipe with you, hope you try them and let me know what you think. Makes at least… Read More

Paleo Tortilla De Patatas; A Catalonian sidedish فطيرة البطاطا الحلوة الخالية من الطحين

This is one of the best side dishes I have tried nad amongst the easist and tastiest.  Originally made in Spain but i tried it first in Barcelona (made with starchy potatos) and I was immediatly a big fan. today i’m sharing this… Read More

Welcome to Mount Vegan Jello حلو الجلي النباتي بالفواكه الاستوائية

Whenever I used to see an ad on TV or in food markets of jello desserts, I got a raging urge to fix a big bowl the meanest portion of jello there is. Despite guilt and abdomen pain, the taste of those… Read More

Paleo Betheeth or Khabeesa; Kuwaiti sugarfree sweet خبيصة باليو :)

This recipe for this traditional Kuwaiti sweet is so easy and simple that i’m embarrassed to dedicate an entire post for it! But i made it yestedray and loved to share it with you. Khabeesa is an old traditional sweet that has no… Read More

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