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AIP Tapioca mini cheese bun صمون التاپيوكا بنكهة الجبن الملائم للتغذية المناعية

These mini soft breads are so delicious and quick to make. You might get discouraged by many ingredients, but it is really rewarding, specially that it is allergen free and could be made, so no dairy, nor eggs, nor soy or nuts…. Read More

Pagan Bagels بيغلز پيليو وڤيغن

  I regularly do bagels as they offer great quick meals, simply heat/toast, cut, and stuff and you’re good to go. Through the years I tried many recipes with almond or coconut  flour, using eggs normally to bind flours. Although they were… Read More

Paleo sweet noodles and fried eggs (Balaleett)     بلاليط پيليو صحية بالطريقة الكويتيه 

  I need to be patented for this healthiest ever #balaleett (a Kuwaiti/gulf originated dish made from saffron and cardamom infused sweetened angel hair pasta served with fried eggs) 👍 not only this is incredibly delicious, it surely can compete with the… Read More

My Paleo Falafel

Here is one my dear and really delicious and nutritious recipes that I am sharing with all of you prior to Ramadhan in hope this holy month will bring all  wellness and joy to all. Falafel are one of the highly favored dishes… Read More

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