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Fresh Tapioca/cassava pagan bagels بيغلز التاپيوكا الطازجة

  When I was making the PAGAN Bagels recipe I was so excited of the results, texture and taste, but something was missing! I was sure I’m preparing something that will help many, but at the same time, I kept thinking, not… Read More

Paleo sweet noodles and fried eggs (Balaleett)     بلاليط پيليو صحية بالطريقة الكويتيه 

  I need to be patented for this healthiest ever #balaleett (a Kuwaiti/gulf originated dish made from saffron and cardamom infused sweetened angel hair pasta served with fried eggs) 👍 not only this is incredibly delicious, it surely can compete with the… Read More

Paleo Sandwich bread; my favorite so far! خبز التوست الباليو.. للاستعمال اليومي بدون غلوتين أوحبوب

  This bread is Grain Free * Gluten Free * Dairy Free * Legumes Free * Yeast Free هذا الخبز خالي من الغلوتين و من جميع أنواع الحبوب و البقول و الألبان  Ok so this took some time but not intentional I… Read More

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