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Fresh Tapioca/cassava pagan bagels بيغلز التاپيوكا الطازجة

  When I was making the PAGAN Bagels recipe I was so excited of the results, texture and taste, but something was missing! I was sure I’m preparing something that will help many, but at the same time, I kept thinking, not… Read More

Paleo stuffed zucchini and eggplant “Mahshi”           محشي الكوسى والباذنجان بدون أرز

For as long as i remember stuffed zucchini was one of the dishes my mothers did regularly, and she made them quiet delicious. Then I married Fatema my wife, and she did her own version (based on an Egyptian recipe and it… Read More

Delicious “Super” chocolate truffles ترافلز الكاكاو بالپروتين

  These are delicious low sugar treats that will be favored by all chocolate lovers and healthy living champs out there. I will prepare them in three stages (hence change in photo shoots) but it’s so worth it What you will need … Read More

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