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Fresh Tapioca/cassava pagan bagels بيغلز التاپيوكا الطازجة

  When I was making the PAGAN Bagels recipe I was so excited of the results, texture and taste, but something was missing! I was sure I’m preparing something that will help many, but at the same time, I kept thinking, not… Read More

Crustless sweet potato Apple pie فطيرة التفاح الخالية من الطحين

Another take on sweet potato pie, this time its an impressive clean dessert.  This time I wanted to make an apple pie, cause it’s a dessertI that I would not mind eating everyday.  The results were far more than what I expected,… Read More

Making paleo and vegan dairyfree cheese الأجبان الخالية من الحليب والمكسرات 

This is a snap chat session I made that includes making paleo and vegan nutfree cheese . Here is what you need and you can check the video for more info.  Paleo cheese dairy free and nut free  2 cups of coconut… Read More

Make paleo and paleo vegan biscottis  طريقة عمل البسكوتي الايطالي بدون طحين او ألبان 

This is the video requested by many Insta followers of the paleo and vegan paleo biscotti.  It was posted on my Snapchat “caveboy_grubs” and now I’m uploading it again over here Hope you find it helpful    هذا الڤيديو المنقول من حساب… Read More

Paleo marshmallows; pure and healthy       المارشميلوز اللذيذ بالعسل الني 

Marshmallows Marshmallows soft and puffy, Marshmallows Marshmallows cute and fluffy .. ok so this is an essential easy treat that kids will eat or have whenever they want to indulge in harmless, in fact nutrias treat. The most important component is gelatine, and… Read More

Paleo stuffed zucchini and eggplant “Mahshi”           محشي الكوسى والباذنجان بدون أرز

For as long as i remember stuffed zucchini was one of the dishes my mothers did regularly, and she made them quiet delicious. Then I married Fatema my wife, and she did her own version (based on an Egyptian recipe and it… Read More

Vegan grainfree saffron and rosewater Pancakes بان كيك الزعفران وماء الورد الخالية من أي مكونات حيوانية

  These Pancakes are Gluten free, Grains Free, Eggs Free, Dairy Free and Nuts free.   البانكيكس هذي خالية من الغلوتين و خالية من جميع أنواع الحبوب و الألبان و البقول و المكسرات Making Pancakes without wheat or flour can be a… Read More

Welcome to Mount Vegan Jello حلو الجلي النباتي بالفواكه الاستوائية

Whenever I used to see an ad on TV or in food markets of jello desserts, I got a raging urge to fix a big bowl the meanest portion of jello there is. Despite guilt and abdomen pain, the taste of those… Read More

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