This is a slow cooker recipe that is easy to prepare and will offer you a chance to taste fully cooked meats the way it’s suppose to be eaten. Slow cooking methods preserve most of nutritional content of food and provide… Read More

3rd week of the Whole30 Schedule الاسبوع الثالث من جدول ال30 يوماً كاملة

This is the 3rd week of The whole30 program, I hope it would be of use. جدول الأسبوع الثالث من ال30 يوما كاملة و الباقي الاسبوع الأخير و يكون عندكم الأيام كاملة تقدرون بعدها انتوا تختارون أو تضيفون اللي تحبونه عليهم

Paleo Qourma Sabzi مرقة السبزي بدون بقول

Qourmah Sabzi (Green Curry in native langauge) is one of those popular Iranian dishes that deserves its popularity hands down and it is probably one of my favorite healthy meals that I like to have every now and then because It totally… Read More

Ginger broccoli/cauliflower rice with fried eggs أرز البروكلي و القرنبيط مع البيض المقلي

This Asian dish is really great for a morning meal with all its nutrients and ingredients. Breakfast can be overlooked sometimes because we kinda tend to be in a hurry, so this dish can be really easy if you just prepared the… Read More

Paleo Crispy Chicken دجاج بيليو مقرمش

This is one of the easiest and flavorful recipes that you may think its hard to prepare, but it is so easy. Just make sure you prepare the spice mix before hand so that you’d be able top do these in no… Read More

The WHOLE30; It’s on !

Well, i have started two days a head of anyone interested in this challenging yet truly inspiring program. i have already made the food plans for the next two weeks so that it would be available before hand to all. i will… Read More

Whenever I used to see an ad on TV or in food markets of jello desserts, I got a raging urge to fix a big bowl the meanest portion of jello there is. Despite guilt and abdomen pain, the taste of those… Read More

    This is my personal recipe adapted from the wonderful must read book “Against all Grains” by Danielle Walker, difference that its vegan and paleo and I think it might help bigger audience. The procedure takes a bit of work but… Read More

الاجابات وصلت .. ما مدى معلوماتك الغذائية

اجابات الامتحان وصلت يا شطار… شوفوا أي هالأجوبة عرفتوها و اجمعوا في النهاية النتيجه ١. ما هو أكثر لحوم الماشية التالية فائدة للجسم ؟ البقر                          الدجاج                              الماعز                           الأغنام السبب : لحم الماعز هو الأقل في نسب الدهون المشبعة ، و الأكثر في نسب البروتين… Read More

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