These mini soft breads are so delicious and quick to make. You might get discouraged by many ingredients, but it is really rewarding, specially that it is allergen free and could be made, so no dairy, nor eggs, nor soy or nuts…. Read More

Fermented cucumber is one of the most favored ferments that children seem to like and prefer. The reason most like is that it resemble in flavor and texture pickled ones. Many also prefer it because its get easily digested, unlike sauerkraut that… Read More

Another take on sweet potato pie, this time its an impressive clean dessert.  This time I wanted to make an apple pie, cause it’s a dessertI that I would not mind eating everyday.  The results were far more than what I expected,… Read More

This sweet potato pies are made with one idea, that the crust is made solely with sweet potato. I have made these many times with so many variations wether #paleo or #vegan, the end decision is totally yours. To fill a 16… Read More

  I am so excited to share this delicious allergy free coffee cake with you. I made it last night on snapchat and was so happy by the results that I couldn’t wait longer to post it.  What you need Dry ingredients  1/2… Read More

   If everything around us tasted and smelled this beautiful 💚 crumbles are desserts that were invented by guys who were to lazy to roll doughs .. 😎 or so I’d like to believe .. Cause it’s so simple to prepare, it… Read More

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