Fermented cucumber is one of the most favored ferments that children seem to like and prefer. The reason most like is that it resemble in flavor and texture pickled ones. Many also prefer it because its get easily digested, unlike sauerkraut that… Read More

Achara or Atchara is a relish from the Philippines, that is sweet and tangy made with raw papaya. This relish is fermented in my developed recipe a with unique flavor and a lot of nutritional value. I came to learn about it… Read More

One of the easiest and potent fermented goods to prepare and include in your daily dishes  What you need  500 g of fresh solid ginger (peeled and shredded)  1 cup of filtered water  1 tbsp of sea salt  What to do  *… Read More

Prepare a brine of 4 cups of water and 3/4 unrefined salt then collect your ingredients Ingredients  1 Chinese cabbage cut into  2 carrots cut into sticks  3-4 white raddish also cut into sticks  10 stalks of green onion sliced  Prepare and put… Read More

This is a snap session that I made with two delicious recipes; the ruby colored fermented saurkraut followed by a grain free and egg free chocolate and cherries moelleux gateau. During the session there were couple of followers who were preparing the… Read More

Fermentation is important process that we need to be aware and promote making constantly .. Here is a video that shows how  طريقة تخمير الخيار والتي يمكن تطبيقها على انواع عديده من الخضروات  ​​

Here is my contribution to preparing Kimchi in Kuwait, hope you find it helpful. A lot of websites and blogs would give a lot of information and history about Kimchi, Korea’s delicious fermented vegetables dish, so I won’t be doing this here, because… Read More

Ferment your Vegs now! حفظ الخضار بالماء و الملح

Fermenting vegetables can add a lot of nutritional value to your food intake with all great probiotics that inhibit your vegs during lactic acid fermenting (in absence of oxygen these microorganisms would flourish on all the sugars contained in these vegetables producing great gut friendly eats),… Read More

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